SIFA Overview

Society for Indian Fisheries and Aquaculture(SIFA) is a body set up to promote sustainable fisheries and aquaculture industry in the country. SIFA is promoted by a team of professionals supported by stalwarts with rich experience in fisheries and aquaculture from all over the country in India and promote at the Global stage.

Promotion of Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture in India to achieve Blue Revolution and to act as a common platform for all stakeholders in the Fisheries sector
To address the technical, infrastructure, marketing and policy interventions required for the sustainable fisheries and Aquaculture in India to create a global platform to benefit all stakeholders of the industry

1. To act towards Blue Revolution by increasing fish production and productivity and fish consumption
2. To support small scale fisheries and aquaculture to increase family income and nutritional security
3. To introduce latest technologies, products, services, equipment & machineries to increase fish production and consumption
4. To organise National and International Trade Exchanges, Tech Forums, Meetings, Conferences, Seminars, Symposia etc.
5. To offer courses, trainings, skill, manpower development programmes to address the HRD needs of the industry
6. To offer knowledge base and consultancy services to Govt., Non-Govt. Private organisations and entrepreneurs
7. To serve as a think tank on national and international matters related to fisheries and aquaculture.
8. To serve as an interface between the practitioners of fisheries and aquaculture and the Government.    
9. To engage in knowledge sharing through Journals, Newsletter, Books, Periodicals, Proceedings etc. in print and electronic media
10. To promote domestic and export marketing of fish & fishery products, inputs, technologies and services
11. To institute Awards, Prizes, Medals, Fellowships etc. to individuals or Institutions
12. To engage in any upcoming, relevant activities for the sustainable development of fisheries and aquaculture in India

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